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Programs Upstate G.E.M.S. Girls Going the Extra Mile for Success is a perfect opportunity for young ladies to meet others and form a lifelong bond of sisterhood and create lasting memories. It is an organization that encourages young ladies to become positive change agents for themselves and others.

MISSION: Upstate GEMS provides preventive and empowerment programs for young ladies. WE strive to enhance their lives through programs, workshops and events that will result in the increase of confidence courage, smart choices, and self -awareness. GEMS will help develop leadership and instill values that lead to success in life.

PRIMARY AUDIENCE: Young ladies between the ages of 5-19 from any socio-economic, religious and ethnic background.

The following DIAMOND DISTINCTIVES are expectations of each participant:


5 CHARM SKILLS to Establishing Financial Literacy

CHARMS is a financial literacy curriculum for the young ladies of GEMS that is designed to strengthen their potential for success. This is an opportunity to build their business savvy and strengthen their financial literacy. The girls can begin the process when they learn five essential skills that prepare them for career success. Personal financial literacy is more than just being able to balance a checkbook, compare prices or get a job. It also includes skills like long-term vision and planning for the future, and discipline to use those skills every day.

There is a fundraiser (chosen by the director) associated with this curriculum. As each young lady accomplishes each goal she is eligible to receive a charm for each skill. They will each receive an initial charm for participating in the fundraising activity. As they earn a charm, girls are invited to share their accomplishments in each of the following skills:

Goal Setting
  • Set personal learning goals
  • Set personal sales goals and GEMS sales goals
Decision Making
  • Develop a basic business plan
  • Work as a team to decide what to do with the money
Money Management
  • Develop a budget to accomplish at least one of the goals set
  • Be able to explain how the money earned helps you and your organization
People Skills
  • Practice how you will speak to customers about what you are selling and why they should purchase it
  • Make a list of potential customers that you will approach
Business Ethics
  • Discuss integrity and how you conduct yourself as a business woman

At the end of the curriculum each young lady will have the opportunity to receive a CHARM bracelet for each charm that she received.

TWEENS/TEENS will also have the opportunity to learn more about budgeting and saving, college saving and credit cards.

LOVEUNITED Community and International Outreach

Financial Literacy Program

Upstate GEMS participates annually in Community Outreach projects in the community. Landscaping at Upstate Circle of Friends, Back to School projects with Upstate Fatherhood, thanksgiving meal delivery with, and Helping Hands with United Way are some of the projects we have helped with over the past 2 years.

We will continue to partner with and support our local community but in 2018 we are also accepting the call to help our brothers and sisters abroad in Jamaica. We have the opportunity to provide school supplies to the students as well as go to Jamaica on a mission trip to help build bathrooms for the local schools. We are in the process of collecting school supplies to fill book bags that will be sent to the students and would like to provide some of our participants the opportunity to go to Jamaica for a week and help build the bathrooms. Two of the GEMS participants are citizens of Jamaica and have seen first-hand the effect of schools that do not have adequate running water and restrooms.

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